The Cosmic Womb 

A creative accelerator to dream, create, and nurture your divine creative life



ON October 16th 2023

(no art experience is necessary for this program, the artist within you will be revealed) 

The Cosmic Womb is a creative accelerator that super charges how you create in the world


How do you go from feeling like you are stuck, unmotivated, inconsistent and ALWAYS in the story of “not enough” to become the empowered creator that you deep down know you are? 

“The Cosmic Womb Is just the remedy for what ails our imaginations and our creativity.”


Once you are a member of the Cosmic Womb you will:

💖 Be met right where you are- whatever skill level-  to receive support for your expansion and growth as a creator. 

💖 Be provided with essential nurturing support as you stretch into your power as a creator.

💖 Learn to use the tools of expressive mark making and painting exercises to help you transform your obstacles into creative adventures.

💖Become aware and shift your belief patterns through fun, lively experiential painting challenges. 

💖Dive into deep topics of exploration

💖Unfold and transform limited thinking to abundant creation


"The Womb is like an art school for the spiritual creative and healer"

Are you ready to become the powerful creator that you were meant to be? 

Experience, create and live the life you want to live-

It is possible through art making!


"How you do one thing is how you do everything!" 


creative expression is the perfect place to see your beliefs and self-limiting patterns emerge in a safe and easy to experience way. 


Creating once in a while is not going to sustain you in expanding your skills or creating the experiences for  lasting change. 


The womb is a nurturing incubator where you get to flex those muscles of empowered creator! 


Click the video below to learn more about what it is like to work with Deborah


Create what you love

and feel powerful!


  • The self beat-up
  • The self-sabotage
  • All the stories of not enough 
  • Behaviors that annihilate your creativity or keep you stagnant

Creating something every day, it doesn't matter what, helps you step into your power as a co-creator and create what makes you feel happy, fulfilled and what makes you feel alive!


You get to:

🌟Become EMPOWERED- deep down you know you are powerful, it is time to experience it! 

🌟Dream big and know with confidence that you can create it!

🌟Connect to your heart and soul and stay in creation

🌟Create and have a different experience of yourself in the world

🌟Be in the flow of creativity well beyond the canvas and into all aspects of life


Are you ready to stand as a creator and play?

(no art experience is necessary for this program, the artist within you will be revealed) 

What transformation will you experience when you say yes to your creativity every day?

Three Month Membership


3 payments

(no art experience is necessary for this program, the artist within you will be revealed) 
I'm in!